Let FlexaGym work for you and experience an energy boost

just at home and every day!

Vrouw geeft uitleg hoe het bedieningspaneel werkt.
Bedieningsinstructies van de FlexaGym

The operation is very simple!

  • Plug in the power cord

  • sit on a chair or stool behind the control panel

  • pay attention to the distance and height of your body

  • press the on / off button

  • set the speed (start at speed 1)

  • set the duration, the machine will stop automatically after the time has expired

  • set the direction of movement to forward / interval / backward (FlexaGym Pro)

  • press start and enjoy!

Illustratie van de startknop



While using the FlexaGym, arms and legs are moved at the same time, so that the whole body is exercised.

This is comparable to a good walk or bike ride. Without effort and perspiration!


Discover the effect on your fitness, mobility and productivity for yourself!

Fysiotherapeut geeft een behandeling.

Professionals and the FlexaGym  


Have you ever been treated by a specialist? Then you know that in most cases this specialist advises you to keep moving as much as possible following a treatment.


The great advantage of this device is that it does not burden your muscles at all. That's why the FlexaGym is increasingly being purchased following advice from the physiotherapist. This training device is very suitable for daily use, even during the recovery process.


Prof. Dr. Pässler, one of the best medical specialists in the field of joints in Germany is enthusiastic about the MediGym. View the film in which he recommends the device here.

FlexaGym, your home physiotherapist!

Fysiotherapeut geeft een patient een pijnbehandeling
Vrouw zit tevreden achter een FlexaGym

FlexaGym in TV broadcast at

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Beschrijving lezen

Your children often come up with surprising solutions..



I have always been active and sporty.

A bike ride on the weekend or a brisk walk meant everything to me.


Then suddenly it was all over, I simply couldn't do it anymore. Not moving was not an option for me, but I saw no alternative.


I had never heard of the FlexaGym before, my son came up with it.


By now I know better, my condition has noticeably improved and I feel great!

Without effort ... what a fantastic device!


"Thanks son! The FlexaGym was your best advice ever!"


Daily use can achieve*: 


✔     Promotion of lung function

     Better functioning of the muscles

     Relaxation of the joints

     Reduction of blood flow disorders

     Improvement of heart function and circulation

     Increased endurance

✔     Improvement of concentration

     Good night's rest for general well-being


* If in doubt, consult your doctor

Many COPD patients have also discovered that they feel better when using the device.
Too little exercise increases the risk of various chronic conditions. Studies in all age groups have shown that physical activity has a beneficial effect on heart and blood vessels and that the risk of a heart attack is thereby considerably reduced.


FlexaGym is not a medical device