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Specifications FlexaGym Pro and Comfort


The automotion device performs all movements independently with the aid of an electric motor. No effort on your part is needed. The entire body is mobilized automatically, so never put pressure on the pedals or handles yourself! Let the device do the work.
You can program the training speed and duration with the help of the touch keys on the electronic control panel. The tempo increases and decreases slowly with every set speed.
The FlexaGym only weighs 14.5 kg, making it easy to move around the house or take with you.


Please view the specifications below for more detailed information.

Control panel

FlexaGym Comfort

FlexaGym Comfort

Synchronous rotation direction:

FlexaGym Pro

Synchronous rotation direction:
Forward / Backward

Control panel

FlexaGym Pro

Main switch ON / OFF

Green LED light indication

ready to use

Start and Stop buttons

Red LED strip for

speed indicator 1- 6

speed setting keys + / -

Red LED strip for

training time 5 - 30 minutes

time setting buttons + / -

Push buttons

forward / interval / backward

Red LED strip indicates the time between intervals
forward / backward 1- 6
time setting buttons + / -

Technical specifications


Description: FlexaGym

Type: Automotion Trainer / Movement Regenerator

Producer: MediGym Netherlands

Power supply: 230 Volt, 180 Watt, 50/60 Hz, 24 Volt (secondary)

Dimensions (wxdxh): 450 x 440 x 890 mm (incl. pedals)

Weight: 14.5 kg

Subject to technical changes.



Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents.

Unplug the appliance before cleaning.



FlexaGym is not a medical device.




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