Senior op leeftijd kijkt mijmerend voor zich uit.

"After 16 years of using a MediGym it was a
no-brainer to opt for a FlexaGym"

Eerste FlexaGym Europa

A piece of history FlexaGym by MediGym



More than 35 years ago, following an accident his wife had, Mr Elke Piotrowski decided to develop an automotion device with which she was able to move her arms and legs with a minimum of effort on her part.

Later he sold this device named MediGym. After reaching the age of 73, Mr. Piotrowski sold the company.


MediGym Netherlands took over MediGym GmbH in 2014.

MediGym Nederland took over the company years later. We have been importers / distributors for the Benelux for quite some time and since 2014 we have been producing and distributing for the whole of Europe.

The original device has hardly changed in all those years.
During the last 2 decades thousands of devices have found an owner. The extraordinary results achieved by people with physical disabilities are still surprising.

Prof. Dr. Pässler, one of the best medical specialists in the field of joints in Germany showed his enthusiasm about the MediGym. View the film in which he recommends the device here.


The FlexaGym is the latest model from the MediGym collection

MediGym is proud of a large European clientele. Many MediGyms have reached the age of more than 15 years and still perform every day. The high quality standard "Made in Germany" has been continued in the Netherlands since 2014 .

She has been in possession of a MediGym for 17 years (!)

Thousands of satisfied customers preceded you, that says something!

These are impressive numbers with just as many positive results from customers

who thought this was not possible. We do not want to exaggerate, rather

discover it for yourself and be surprised ...

A little while ago we handed over the very first state of the art FlexaGym Pro

to Mrs. De Gravin from Almere.
She convinced an acquaintance of hers to also buy a device. Within a short

period of time he became convinced of the benefits and no longer wants to

be without his FlexaGym Pro.

She received the first FlexaGym in Europe on his behalf.


FlexaGym by MediGym..

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