FlexaGym the best employee investment for any business

FlexaGym.. the smart alternative to the sit-stand workplace that really works!

Studies have shown that our bodies benefit from simply standing up, engaging muscles, and moving.
FlexaGym combines the best of all three.

* According to a study by the English Loughborough University, we are not getting any better from a sit-stand desk. Standing is really exhausting. According to another study by the American Cornell University, it costs 20 percent more energy than sitting and is not good for your posture. After standing at the desk for a while, most people start to lean or "lock" their bodies.
*Source: nrc.nl

Another alternative is the "desk bike". But it is quite an art to practice your work while cycling behind a desk. After all, your body is moving.


Please read the information below before you decide to purchase sit-stand desks and / or active office chairs for each employee.


Increase employee productivity yet decrease investment costs to achieve it.

With a FlexaGym within easy reach employees remain focused all day long! 


Using the FlexaGym for just 5 minutes increases oxygen to the muscles and brain through improved blood circulation resulting in an heightened "feel fit factor", whilst giving the ability to experience an invigorating boost.

Employees will feel the difference within a few minutes and resume work with increased vitality (physically and mentally).

  • A FlexaGym can be used by more than one person as it is flexible in its settings to suit each individual’s needs. FlexaGym is whisper-quiet and easy to operate effortlessly without breaking into a sweat! 😊

  • FlexaGyms strategically placed throughout your offices is more effective and efficient at improving and maintaining workforce productivity and reliability whilst cutting investment costs.

  • How and why?
    o    No need to replace each and every workspace (new desks, moveable chairs and / or standing chairs).
    o    No anti-fatigue mats, foot rests, new mouse or mouse pads needed. 
    o    No time wasted adjusting standing desks or moveable chairs to the right height for flex / shared              workspaces to fit each individual needs


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