When enough exercise on a daily basis becomes

difficult the FlexaGym gives the solution!


Home use without effort!


FlexaGym...the smart automotion device for home and business use!


The FlexaGym is a fully automated movement device.


When cycling or walking is no longer an option, the FlexaGym provides the answer, even in most cases of limited mobility.

Daily use noticeably improves your fitness, mobility and productivity through better blood circulation. Effortless!

Senior gymnastics with an electric bike chair.

Working on fitness and getting new energy has never been easier and more enjoyable. Without a sweat!


The price is the most remarkable, you pay much less than for a high-quality electric bike.

Use the FlexaGym for perfect gymnastics.

Getting enough exercise every day is very important, but not possible for everyone. The FlexaGym offers the solution.

Tineke even came with the device on television!

Tineke heeft voor een FlexaGym gekozen

Sets your whole body in motion

without effort!

More than 35 years of proven quality


     FlexaGym is the new model by MediGym

   made of first-class materials

   made in Germany / Netherlands / TÜV approved / CE

   for perfect senior gymnastics

   arms and legs move synchronously

   easy to operate

   provides new energy with every use

   no maintenance

   easy to move (only 14.5 kg)

   takes up little space



Use FlexaGym for amazing results!

Your physiotherapist at home

  • continue training at home after treatment

  • without effort or perspiration

  • watch your favorite program during training

  • finally go to sleep without cold feet

  • start each day energized and active

For business use

  • a perfect alternative to a sit-stand workstation

  • concentration gets an invigorating boost

  • get fit and active again after just 5 minutes

  • need only one FlexaGym for several employees

  • whisper-quiet setup in every office corner

A perfect solution to continue living independently at home




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